'Look to the Stars' Storytelling event

Bringing Noongar Dreamtime

stories to life

Noongar people are natural storytellers and for thousands of years have gathered beneath the night sky to share stories of the Dreaming.

Through Djindoon Djenung we share some of the worlds oldest stories used to pass knowledge and learning from one generation to another.

Join award-winning Noongar tour guide Walter McGuire and family at Goologoolup (Yagan Square) for a beautiful evening of Dreamtime storytelling and stargazing.

Free Family Event | Limited Numbers | Registration Essential

90 min. | Family-friendly | Mins and T&Cs apply.


Smoking Ceremony
Smoking Ceremony
Pass through the ceremonial smoke to the sounds of traditional Noongar songs. Allow the smoke from the leaves of Wadjemup’s native plants to cleanse the spirit.
Djoogan Keeninyirra
Djoogan Keeninyirra
Dance and song are an important part of Noongar storytelling. In visually striking ceremonial costumes, the Djoogan Keeninyirra bring ancient cultural stories to life.
In Yagan Square
In Yagan Square
Goologoolup (Yagan Square) is the location of our Djindoon Djenung event this summer! It is a unique, family friendly way to connect with country and culture.