Tracks trodden for millennia have become Perth’s roads and highways.

Described by the early colonists as Paradise, the land where Perth City now sits has been home to the Nyungar since the Dreamtime (nyitting). As the traditional Aboriginal people of Perth, Nyungar people are the first people of this land, constituting fourteen tribal clans of the South West of WA.

Sacred sites remain, secreted in and amongst the foundations of Perth’s central business district and suburbs. Perth’s modern skyscrapers sit atop ancient campgrounds and a vast network of forgotten lakes.

Elizabeth Quay Tour - 1.5 hour walking tour

Discover Perth’s Aboriginal past on this surprising 90 minute walking tour. The tour offers a glimpse into the world’s oldest living culture through ancient Dreamtime stories, traditional songs and Nyungar language. Learn about the six seasons and how they influenced the day to day lives and spiritual connection the Nyungar people have to their country.

Join our Nyungar tour guide on location at Elizabeth Quay and embark on a journey of discovery through the historic and cultural landscape of Aboriginal life prior to European settlement.

Members of Bagad De Lann-Bihoue Breton pipe band of the French Navy go cultural

Members of Bagad De Lann-Bihoue Breton pipe band of the French Navy go cultural!

Extended Cultural Tour - 3 hours

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Staying in Perth city? Extend your experience with our Aboriginal tour guide. Get a group together and meet us at one of many beautiful park locations around the city for a journey through Perth’s Aboriginal history.

Spend some time with us talking about Aboriginal culture and history. Hear a selection of Dreamtime stories that have been passed down through generations, Nyungar hunting and celebratory songs, then get hands on with traditional ochres, implements and hunting weapons.

Tours can be structured to suit your requirements.